Gordons Exported - Dogs & Frozen Semen

Australian Stubble Quail (Coturnix pectoralis)
Photo courtesy of Sally Grundy, Mundoo Island Station, South Australia.


Carnoustie Antlia Ludstar (AI), 'Quill' to

 Ludstar Kennels, Milan, Italy. 2013



Carnoustie Hercules (AI), "Hercules" to

 Double Dream Lovesett Knls, Vladivostok, Russia. 2013





Ch Carnoustie Mr Bojangles (AI),  'Beau' frozen semen to

 Bryerdale Kennels, Scotter, UK. 2018




Carnoustie Let The Game Begin (AI), 'Stevie G' to 

James Newton (UK),

Silvia Timmermann (Germany),

Rhonda Cornum (USA). 2019




Carnoustie Are You Ready Forit At Bryerdale (AI), 'Erikson' to

Annette Mappin and James Newton, Scotter, UK.  2022





Carnoustie Time Travel To Black Mystery (AI), 'Blue' to

Black Mystery Kennels, Germany.  2022




Carnoustie Prime Suspect (AI), 'Mirren' to Drumtreve Kennels, NZ



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